Square dancing is just plain fun and good for you!  In a fast-paced world where you are more likely to text than swing your partner, square dancing is a perfect way to connect with others, relax and take a break from life’s stresses. 

 Square dancing is characterized by four couples forming a square who dance specific movements called out by a caller. If you can walk and listen, you can learn to square dance! Lessons are fun and the moves are easy to learn. No fancy footwork required. Once you learn the moves you can dance anywhere because square dancing is the same all over the world. Really, there are square dance clubs throughout the world and several right here in the Dayton area.  

Physically Beneficial

Square dancing is low impact, improves coordination and balance. A two-hour dance is about the same as walking two or more miles.   Put that unused treadmill in your basement! 

Mentally Stimulating

Square dancing keeps the mind sharp, focused and challenged as you recall and execute the caller’s instructions moving from one formation to another. 

Social Connections

Square dancing is a social activity and a great way to meet people and make new friends! All are welcome, couples, singles, guys, girls, and all ages.  

Not a fan of country music, no problem

Today’s callers use pop, rock, jazz, blues, gospel, even holiday tunes and country to get you moving on the dance floor. This is not your granddaddy’s square dance.

Cowboy boots and petticoats are not a requirement

Some people wear traditional square dance outfits, but casual attire is acceptable. Just be sure to wear comfy shoes.

No better entertainment value anywhere

Square dancing is an inexpensive hobby. A night of dancing costs less than $20 and that includes free snacks!

Tell me more! I'm interested!

Are you ready to do-si-do and swing your partner? 

Gem City’s lessons start the first Monday after Labor Day. We dance at the Michael Solomon Pavilion from 7p-9p.  The first two lessons are free, then $5 per lesson per person. 

Sign up, square up and come dance with us!