Square Dance Calls

Thanks to Saddlebrook Squares’ videos and the animations of Tam Twirlers’ “Taminations” you can watch and learn a new square dance call — or brush up on an old one.

Click the link under the “Saddle Brook Squares Video” column to see a video tutorial of the call. (On mobile devices / tablets, you may have to scroll to the right to see all the columns.)

CallLevelSaddle Brook Squares Videos
(Anything and Spread)Plus(Anything and Spread)
(Anything) and RollPlus(Anything and Roll)
Acey DeuceyPlusAcey Deucey
Alamo Ring BalanceBasicAlamo Ring Balance
Alamo Style WaveBasicAlamo Style Wave
All 8 CirculateBasicAll 8 Circulate
All 8 Spin The TopPlusAll 8 Spin The Top
All Around Your CornerBasicAll Around Your Corner
Allemande LeftBasicAllemande Left
Allemande TharBasicAllemande Thar
Back TrackBasicBack Track
Bend the LineBasicBend the Line
Box CirculateBasicBox Circulate
Box the GnatBasicBox the Gnat
California TwirlBasicCalifornia Twirl
Cast Off 3/4MainstreamCast Off 3/4
Centers InMainstreamCenters In
Chain Down The LineBasicChain Down The Line
Chase RightPlusChase Right
Circle LeftBasicCircle Left
Circle RightBasicCircle Right
Circle to a LineBasicCircle to a Line
Circulate Once and A HalfBasicCirculate Once and A Half
Column CirculateBasicColumn Circulate
Couples CirculateBasicCouples Circulate
Couples HingeMainstreamCouples Hinge
Couples TradeBasicCouples Trade
Courtesy TurnBasicCourtesy Turn
Cross FoldMainstreamCross Fold
Cross RunBasicCross Run
Cut The DiamondPlusCut The Diamond
Diamond CirculatePlusDiamond Circulate
Dive ThruBasicDive Thru
Dixie GrandPlusDixie Grand
Dixie Style to an Ocean WaveMainstreamDixie Style to an Ocean Wave
Do PasoBasicDo Paso
Do Sa DoBasicDo Sa Do
Double Pass ThruBasicDouble Pass Thru
Eight Chain FourMainstreamEight Chain Four
Eight Chain ThruMainstreamEight Chain Thru
Explode and (Anything)PlusExplode and (Anything)
Explode the WavePlusExplode the Wave
Face Left / Right / In / OutBasic
Fan the TopPlusFan the Top
Ferris WheelBasicFerris Wheel
First Couple Go Left / RightBasic
Flip The DiamondPlusFlip The Diamond
Follow Your Neighbor (And Spread)PlusFollow Your Neighbor (And Spread)
Forward and BackBasicForward and Back
Four Boys (Gents) PromenadeBasicFour Boys (Gents) Promenade
Four Girls (Ladies) PromenadeBasicFour Girls (Ladies) Promenade
Grand SquareBasicGrand Square
Grand Swing ThruPlusGrand Swing Thru
Half SashayBasicHalf Sashay
Half Tag The LineMainstreamHalf Tag The Line
Ladies Chain (Heads, Sides, 3/4, All)BasicLadies Chain (Heads, Sides, 3/4, All)
Ladies In, Men SashayBasicLadies In, Men Sashay
Lead to the RightBasicLead to the Right
Left ChasePlus
Left Square ThruBasicLeft Square Thru
Left Swing ThruBasicLeft Swing Thru
Linear CyclePlusLinear Cycle
Load The BoatPlusLoad The Boat
Partner TradeBasicPartner Trade
Pass The OceanBasicPass The Ocean
Pass ThruBasicPass Thru
Pass to the CenterMainstreamPass to the Center
Peel OffPlusPeel Off
Peel The TopPlusPeel The Top
Ping Pong CirculatePlusPing Pong Circulate
Promenade (3/4)BasicPromenade (3/4)
Promenade (Full)BasicPromenade (Full)
Pull ByBasic
Relay the DeuceyPlusRelay the Deucey
Reverse FlutterwheelBasicReverse Flutterwheel
Right and Left GrandBasicRight and Left Grand
Right and Left ThruBasicRight and Left Thru
Right Arm TurnBasicRight Arm Turn
Roll Away With A Half SashayBasicRoll Away With A Half Sashay
Scoot BackMainstreamScoot Back
See SawBasicSee Saw
Shoot The StarBasicShoot The Star
Single Circle to a WavePlusSingle Circle to a Wave
Single File PromenadeBasicSingle File Promenade
Single HingeMainstreamSingle Hinge
Slide ThruMainstreamSlide Thru
Slip The ClutchBasicSlip The Clutch
Spin Chain and Exchange the GearsPlusSpin Chain and Exchange the Gears
Spin Chain the GearsPlusSpin Chain the Gears
Spin Chain ThruMainstreamSpin Chain Thru
Spin The TopMainstreamSpin The Top
Split CirculateBasicSplit Circulate
Split Two (Split the Outside Couple)BasicSplit Two (Split the Outside Couple)
Square Thru 2BasicSquare Thru 2
Square Thru 3BasicSquare Thru 3
Square Thru 4BasicSquare Thru 4
Star Left / Star RightBasicStar Left / Star Right
Star PromenadeBasicStar Promenade
Star ThruBasicStar Thru
Step ThruBasic
Step to an Ocean WaveBasicStep to an Ocean Wave
Sweep A QuarterBasicSweep A Quarter
Swing (Your Partner)BasicSwing (Your Partner)
Swing ThruBasicSwing Thru
Tag The LineMainstreamTag The Line
Tea Cup ChainPlusTea Cup Chain
Three Quarters Tag The LinePlusThree Quarters Tag The Line
Touch A QuarterBasicTouch A Quarter
Track TwoPlusTrack Two
Trade ByBasicTrade By
Trade the WavePlusTrade the Wave
Turn ThruMainstreamTurn Thru
U Turn BackBasicU Turn Back
Veer LeftBasicVeer Left
Veer RightBasicVeer Right
Walk and DodgeMainstreamWalk and Dodge
Weave the RingBasicWeave the Ring
Wheel and DealBasicWheel and Deal
Wheel and Deal (Lines of 4)BasicWheel and Deal (Lines of 4)
Wheel AroundBasicWheel Around
Wrong Way GrandBasicWrong Way Grand
Wrong Way TharBasicWrong Way Thar